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Hunter Collins

Everything just stopped and support is shoddy. Buyer Beware!!!!

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I bought the extreme $349 subscription to install on unrooted Android. I was well aware of the limitations before I purchased. 

Advertised functions worked flawlessly for 7 days, and then the following stopped working.

  • Remote Video
  • Remote Camera
  • Call Recording
  • Ambient Recording

Multiple requests to support get me the runaround and the "Usually replies in minutes" message is a joke. I'm lucky if I get a response the same day. 

Then the response does no good.

The EXTREME package should be renamed to EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT!

All the flashy advertising is just to get your money but the software does not deliver.

My guess is that bandwidth heavy functions are disabled right before your 10-day refund policy ends so you're up the creek without a paddle.



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Thank you for contacting us. I assume that you have contacted technical support, and their response is not satisfactory, although I cannot imagine why, as we offer a full refund.

Please provide me with your ticket number and I will have this escalated.

In any event, your money will be returned, but I want to be sure that you actually contacted us through the correct channels first.

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I am having the same problems, and as of this afternoon still no call recordings, remvideo, or recording files have been returned to my dashboard.

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There are many reasons why some or even all functions may stop updating, which is not necessarily any fault of the software itself.

This could happen if the phone is wiped and/or reformatted/reset, if there is another app running which is in conflict with FlexiSPY, or possibly some a/v type of software might be interfering. Also, we clearly state that not all features are fully compatible with all devices. We have no control over this but will do our best to help you if any problems arise.

It is impossible to know without working with our official support techs to troubleshoot it with you. Randomly posting on the Community forums will not help.

So what is the proper way to receive support? First of all, Live Chat is NOT technical support. Our Live Chat agents can help answer questions about the software and its features, and may help you with basic questions about how to use the software. But for actual problems you are experiencing where you think something isn't working the way it should, you need our dedicated support department.

To reach support either submit a ticket at support.flexispy.com by choosing "start a conversation" from the top, or even simpler just send an email to [email protected]

Our SLA policy is to reply to ALL tickets within at least 24 hours, and we often reply much sooner. Please allow a little extra time on the weekends. We ask that you only submit ONE ticket per issue. If you submit multiple tickets this only makes the queue longer, and could potentially delay our response time as well as confuse the issue with multiple requests for the same thing. We WILL get to your ticket within 24 hours at most.

Finally, statements like "buyer beware" or "extreme disappointment" are not really fair. I understand the sentiment sometimes, but support IS available when contacted properly, and we never try to keep a customer's money if the product either won't work on your device or you are truly dissatisfied with our service. So the "buyer beware" sentiment is not appropriate as there is truly nothing of this sort for customers to beware of.

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Everything worked great for about 3-4 months. Now I can't record calls at all. Used to work fine using Native X, but not anymore. Tech support told me to update device, so I did that. Still didn't work, so I was told to change recording option and I tried every other option and still doesn't work. Then was told to remove software and re-install on target phone. Did that and now I can't get it to work at all. I bought the Extreme version over $300. Not happy at all and I want to get a partial refund since software isn't working anymore. I have reached out to tech support several times and no resolution at this point. If the software works I would keep it.

I have downloaded software 3 different times and waiting at least 2-3 hours between download and the portal still says my software needs activated even though I see it installed on target device. Very frustrating.

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