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New user, frustrated with key logger not working

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I've been using Flexispy Premium non-rooted on an LG V20 Android v7.0 (not able to be rooted according to Flexispy support) for a few weeks now.  I was told the keylogger would work in this configuration but it does not.  I've been in contact with technical support but nothing they have suggested has fixed the issue.  Also, SMS messages are hit and miss.  Sometimes they show on the dashboard and sometimes they do not. 

I am very frustrated at this point and feel that Flexispy does not live up to its promises.  The last tech support email I received suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the software on the target phone.  Do they even realize how difficult that is?  Not an option.

I was given directions to enable "large keyboard text" on the target phone in order to get the keylogger to work.  However, the directions did not match exactly to the Android software on the target phone.  I believe I found the "large keyboard text" option and turned it on, but tech support did not confirm it was correctly set when I asked them about it.

At this point, I'm hoping someone here can help.  Thanks in advance.


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Guest Nathan

Hi Seattle,

Thanks for writing and we are sorry to hear you are having some difficulties with the software. I followed up with our Support Team regarding your issue and they noted they have explained the following:

When installing FlexiSPY on an Android phone, the user also needs to install the "Magnify Keyboard Text" function on the device in order to enable the Keylogger. Currently, there are some devices that detect this function as malware and may recommend the user to uninstall it.

If the 'Magnify Keyboard Text' function is uninstalled, the Keylogger will stop functioning. Should this happen, you will need to uninstall and reinstall FlexiSPY on the target device. Upon re-installation, there will be a code to install 'Magnify Keyboard Text' - this will make the Keylogger work again. 

The detection of this function by certain devices has been flagged as a high priority by our development team and is something they are working to resolve. 

We will update you as soon as a solution is made available.

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On 3/12/2018 at 7:28 PM, Muffin said:

Seattle did you get an answer for this qiestion?

Nope, never resolved.  Their solution is apparently to uninstall and reinstall.  Not very practical.  I wish I was told of this possibility before I purchased the software.  Feel like I got suckered into a bait and switch because the promised features do not work as advertised.  Buyer beware....


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