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Flexispy has been my life changer.

I have always been the trusting wife ,,, husband seemed toooo good to be true.

every other women wanted a husband like mine .

After the 1st admission of cheating ( yes he told me ) , I have never left my guard down. Always exploring ways to find out what was really happening when I was not around .

the surround recording was my best tool , I have timed recordings set  , and I caught him picking up prostitutes during lunch hours .

This saint when around me  , that  made me feel like no other women existed proved to be another person completely .

The talk around the office with female co workers  , sickened me to the core of my stomach .

At first it was unbelievable.

After 18 years of marriage and 2 teenage sons , Divorce is not an option . As much as I love him , I will never trust him .

And no  ,, I am not an unkept /untidy wife / dependant women.

I now make a point of constantly looking good  , so that I can remind myself  ,that  its not my fault but his own issues and demons.

I am 40yrs old  , still wear a size 8 dress  , in a senior management position at work.

I refuse to let the situation break me . I walk boldly with my respect intact.

He thought he could find quantity  , but he almost lost quality.

Grateful to Flexi. I will NEVER stop using flexi.



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Would you consider leaving him after the kids are finished with high school?

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Hi Pam,

I sympathise the predicament that you are in and admire the courage that you have for not choosing the easy way out.  I believe that many of our customers are in the same situation that you are facing and your story has definitely shown them that knowing the truth may hurt, but sometimes it's worth fighting for it! 

Stay strong...

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