Unfaithful or disrespectful – Which is Worse?

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This is a story written by one of our customers giving his view on relationships....an interesting read, giving you the insight of  a man's inner psyche...


Sure, your girlfriend may be faithful to you.  But what if she's making fun of you behind your back.  Does she call you names when she’s talking to her friends.  Or, is she simply tolerating you for the money.

How does that feel?   Pretty shitty really.

The thing is, we'll probably never know. All girls are awesome actresses, seriously.  They should win a huge gold Oscar statue as an entire gender.  We could never make out with a 50, 60 year old woman and keep a straight face – girls can bop a granddad, it's second nature to them.

A girl’s sexuality is also MUCH more fluid than a guy’s.  They'll hold hands with each other and disappear into the bathroom together.  Give them a few drinks and they'll probably even make out with a girlfriend if they like her (or, if they think it turns you on).  Guys just don't do this – we don't hold hands, we don't use the same stall at the same time, we don't kiss or touch each other’s junk – period!   As far as I'm concerned, I'm the only person on the planet with a penis (except those dudes in porn –and honestly those guys are me too!)

So it's no real surprise: girls cheat when they think they won't get caught.  Some estimates say that nearly 83% of girls between ages 18 - 34 would cheat if they KNEW (100%) that they wouldn't get caught.  That's 'fluid sexuality' in action.  She has a few drinks with her girlfriends and sees a hot guy, a younger guy, or maybe just a 'different guy' – you're not there, maybe you're at home, or maybe you are out with your mates.  A new guy is exciting, and often girls live for the day - and why not?  As long as he doesn't know she thinks.

That's scenario 1, the one you NEVER want to know about as it will probably end the relationship.  It's hard to forgive a girl for cheating on you, letting another guy into her body.  We have 200,000 years of evolution hard-wired into our brains that abhor this situation.  Who wants to spend all our hard-earned resources raising another guy’s kid?  They, on the other hand, are hard-wired to find the best sperm, they're looking for it ALL THE TIME on a subconscious level – a fit guy, a guy with a symmetrical face, the right pheromones, the right confidence.  They're always biologically ready to upgrade.

If scenario 1 is common, then scenario 2 is even more ordinary and frequent – a simple lack of respect for you, her supporter.  How many times do we get involved with girls that never really even care about us – further than what we can buy for them?

When was the last time your girlfriend REALLY asked you about your past, how you grew up, what you studied in school, your first job, first loves, your dreams, creativity, etc.  It's all about today, what can you do for me today, what can you bring me tomorrow. This is a lack of respect –for us as humans, we're just a vehicle for support, face value, a free ride.  So, who’s really the object in this relationship?

How many times have I seen a girl out with her boyfriend at a bar, they kiss and hug each other and I watch as her face glazes over into that thousand mile stare, or maybe she even rolls her eyes, sighs . . . ‘drunk bastard’ she thinks.  I'd rather be with my friends, or anyplace but with this guy – but he's supporting me.  I'll keep him until I don't need him, until I find someone better – the list goes on.

So which is worse? The girl that really cares about you but will cheat if the situation presents itself, or the girl that's smart enough to play the long game, remain faithful but secretly finds you distasteful, even hates you?

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