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    Welcome to Support, Your Friends on the Inside...

    By Christian

    What if you had your own man on the inside at your favorite restaurant, always getting you the best seat in the house? Or at the stadium the next time your favorite team is in town? Now imagine you had a friend at the repair shop when your car’s broken down, or a computer store when you’ve got tech problems; someone who would always speak with you clearly and give honest advice. Now stop imagining, because that’s part of what you get when you purchase a FlexiSPY product. We believe so strongly in customer care that it should be considered an important part of your purchase. Similar software may offer no support at all, or at best unreliable. At FlexiSPY we are working around the clock for you. But we do a lot more than just answer your questions; Support is an important part of our business model that we’d like to let you in on. Our Support Staff are more than just technicians reading from a script. At many companies Support is typically isolated from other departments, such as Development. At FlexiSPY Support, an important part of our job involves representing our customers to the rest of the company. This is how we become your friend on the inside, because we are not afraid to ruffle feathers on your behalf when necessary. Support is always listening to your feedback and drawing from your diverse experiences. If we feel a particular direction of Development is not in our customer’s best interest, we call a meeting and go to bat for you! If we notice a pattern of issues we can’t explain, we work directly with Development to solve the problem. Of course FlexiSPY does have a QA department, but Support also has a role in approving all software updates. We also have input on customer policies, and can sometimes make adjustments for exceptional cases. When it comes to taking a stand for our customers, we’re known for being a little stubborn around the office. It’s understandable if you don’t trust everything you see in an ad or hear from a sales person, but we want you to trust us here at FlexiSPY Support, knowing that our primary responsibility is to you, our customer. We work hard to keep accurate information on all of our Support related pages, in our Community forum and on our Blog. If you have questions and need reliable answers, we’re here for you. Just look for our "Live Chat" tag on all of our pages at FlexiSPY.com. If you have suggestions, we’re taking your feedback. If you’d like to tell us of your experiences either positive or otherwise, this helps us to keep refining our products to meet your demands and stay on top. At FlexiSPY we are listening. You friends on the inside, FlexiSPY Support Department

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    By Christian,

    Did you know that FlexiSPY has an official beta testing program? We have an exciting lineup of new features in the works, and always value our customers feedback. Our beta program is limited to the Target phones and networks you have access to, length of time as a customer and your background experience. This means that not everyone who applies will be an immediate match, but we will keep all applications on file and let you know when we have something suitable that fits your interest.

    If you're an existing customer and would like to join our beta program, please follow the instructions below from our Knowledge Base:

    9.3 Can I join your beta program?

    Current customers who already have a valid account with us may qualify for beta testing new versions in some cases only.

    If you are already an existing customer who would like to help us test new products and features, please Submit a Ticket through our Support Center and use "Beta Testing" as the subject header.

    On the Ticket, include the following with your answers below each question:

    1. What phone platforms/models (including OS versions) do you have available for installing and testing our software with?

    2. What cell networks do you have available for testing our software with (Target phone service)?

    3. Do you have a beta testing or any other technical background?

    4. Are you a programmer? If so, what programming languages/code base are you familiar with?

    5. Are you comfortable performing manual installs using a PC, command line interface and USB cable connected to the Target device?

    6. What FlexiSPY products do you currently own?

    Please note these are not requirements, only questions. Also note we do not always have a product in beta testing, but we will keep your name on file with your Ticket information.

  2. Years before I ever heard of FlexiSPY, I was working overseas with a colleague who had marital problems. To make matters worse, not only did he feel helpless so far away, but we were also working in a dangerous militarized zone. In this situation if a guy couldn’t keep his focus, he risked losing not only his job but also his life.

    Its difficult watching a friend go through such mental obsession, trapped within a psychological prison of impending emotional doom. Time moves faster in our heads than in the real world. When reality doesn’t keep up with the synaptic charges rushing forward, it can make a man insane.

    What began as marital difficulty took a paranoid turn for the worse. After way too many Skype and overseas phone calls, my colleague got it into his head that his wife was cheating. It didn’t help his mental condition that his paychecks were drafted directly into their joint bank account, or that she was still happily spending his credit cards like a kid in a shoe, err… candy store.

    Worse yet is to be that man, living under impending doom while everyone else knows exactly what has to be done; take a step back, relax, and if necessary just let go of the painful dysfunction. However, such a man is anything but rational. Driven by this obsession he becomes unpredictable, impulsive and dangerous.

    The war outside had nothing on the war raging inside his own head. Eventually he did the right thing and requested a leave to “go home and work things out”. After a week back home with his wife, he sounded upbeat and said everything was fine in e-mail. But it was nearly a month before we saw him back on the job, the longest leave allowed.

    What his wife didn’t know is that during leave, he discreetly installed several spy-cams with remote web access running off the server in his house. Cameras were hidden liberally throughout the bedroom, kitchen, living room; even the bathroom.

    Though he shouldn’t have been surprised, it was nevertheless shocking to log into one of the bed-cams, in front of several coworkers, when the glorious Not-Safe-For-Work fornication was revealed live from his own bed…with audio.

    My friend had returned to the war zone every bit as obsessed as when he left; now tormented exponentially by live porn featuring his own cheating wife, streaming into view from over 7,000 miles away. Having just taken the maximum leave time for the quarter, he wouldn’t confront her until he could take leave again to do it in person.

    And neither did he want her to find and remove the cameras. Irresistibly, for the next three months his only choice was to watch. Unable to do anything about it or even to stop his own madness, he would record the sessions and play them over again on the nights she wasn’t cheating. Vacillation between heartbreak and anger created equal confusion over finances, while not yet ready to completely give up the game.

    bullet_proof_vest.jpgLike a broken sieve his mind was erratic, emotional and unstable. Not what you want in a war zone. He wore a bullet proof vest with a hole cut over the heart area. It was more than symbolic. It was a comic tragedy, of epic proportion.

    Why would we do this to ourselves? Is it to maintain some delusion of control, when we know that we have none? Is it to control others? Or is it to gain the freedom of truth, allowing us to move on with renewed sense of independence?

    I don’t know if my colleague was ultimately better or worse for what he endured, but it certainly took its toll. In a way he did ask for it, but there is no way to prepare for that kind of information overload, and the result was incapacitating.

    Standing on the precipice with a lump in your throat and the hard resolve of strong suspicion, it is difficult to turn away. We leap into darkness because we already cannot function with our blinders intact.

    Whenever we have a large part of ourselves invested in another, we feel an inalienable right to know the truth; to know what is going on that might affect our self or those we love. What parent has never inspected their child’s backpack, or found something that doesn’t belong in a sock drawer? Who has never kept secrets from a partner, or resisted an urge to snoop the medicine cabinet of an exciting romantic prospect? Perhaps my colleague was in a situation that could have been avoided.

    However there is danger in the addictive nature of suspicion, and the quest for what could become too much information. We want to protect our children from stalkers, and in doing so may sometimes blur the lines of the stalker. And if we do have courage to ask the questions, we must also prepare for the answers. We need to know when we’ve had enough and when it’s time to move on, either with or without. To do any less would be torture, and FlexiSPY is meant to free you from this.

    Ultimately, products like FlexiSPY cannot take the credit for either weakening or strengthening a relationship. If you want to weaken your marriage, just carry on with suspicion in everything that you do; you don’t need FlexiSPY for that. If you want to strengthen it there are a thousand good books on the subject. Why not start with flowers?

    Are there good people taken advantage of every day who might benefit from our products? Absolutely, and we want your business! I’m sure there are also some who would benefit more from counseling. But you might need to reassure yourself before it ever comes to that; such as my colleague trapped in an unfaithful marriage, stuck overseas and glued to his web-cam! In some cases FlexiSPY could be less expensive than counseling or divorce, many years later.

    The bottom line is that FlexiSPY is a tool for gathering information. As a neutral witness, it is very good at doing just that. What you do with that information is up to you. If you have questions, FlexiSPY will absolutely give you the answers you need. If you have doubts, it will either settle your mind, or settle your affairs…without prejudice.

    The last I heard my colleague was still married to the same woman, although he no longer works overseas. Who can say if the cameras played a positive or negative role? That information could have just as easily destroyed or saved his marriage. Whatever you think you would have done, my friend chose to save the relationship. He could have been a victim all the way through to the inevitable end, but confronted the situation on his own terms and was lucky enough to turn it around. But in the end if he never knew, he never would have had a choice.

    Love is three quarters curiosity - Casanova

    Since knowledge is but sorrow’s spy, it is not safe to know - William Davenant

    Be careful out there… – Me

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