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  3. Flexispy is a great software I use it once with my first girlfriend, and of course I found out she was cheating on me after having doubts for more than 2 years but Flexispy was my answer, so I moved on with my life until I found this so called awesome one, but unfortunately the same story keeps repeating itself, she said the same thing the first one said and even more, I give her everything she needs she doesn't even need to ask, but yes she did cheat and I found that out througought this software, really with all honesty it is like you live with that person you can go ahead and take care of your business and work, and when you are done you can just log on to the dashboard and find out what happened that day, and the best thing is they can see the software it is invisible on the phone even if they try to search for it, no way they can find it, it is awesome and I suggest it to anyone who needs to find out the truth, I rely on it in the daily basis, thank you Flexispy
  4. Flexispy is a great software for people that need to find out the truth about a particular person, whether Girlfriend, wife, Husband, Boyfriend, or kids, this I the way, I tried so many programs however Flexispy was the one I was looking for, it gives you and shows you pretty much everything you need to know about the person you are doubting, just like you are with him or her, you can go ahead and take care of your business, and enjoy life, and be sure that Flexispy is taking care of everything for you, no doubts, It is an excellent program, without it I would have still been living in darkness, it actually shows me the light and the tough truth, right now I got my closure, and I do not regret purchasing it Flexispy one bit, no I do not, I am glad Flexispy erased all the questions and doubts I had, thank you Flexispy for this great service, from now on no girl can play me, so I am relaxed and happy, this is like a miracle, thank you again Flexispy
  5. slow and no uploads

    I've notice that sometimes there are problems with the server and things might not work for a day. Is it working now?
  6. If you've been in a relationship long enough, you know your partner's routines and quirks like the back of your hand. What changes have you seen in your partner's behavior that set off red flags? That's the topic for this weeks competition. The person with the juiciest story gets an extra month of FlexiSPY for free. Reply to this topic to share your experience.
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  8. SuperSU icon is not hidden

    yes I chose to hide it. It does not appear at the homesrceen but appears in the application manager menu.
  9. SuperSU icon is not hidden

    I am assuming that you chose to hide the icon when it gave you a choice to do it.
  10. keylogging , all app activity

    We have Keylogger for Android in test at the moment. It will be released along with the VOIP Android recording feature that allows flexispy to record skype, viber, LINE, facebook and whatsapp calls. Should available at then end of January 2017
  11. Hi, At the flexispy website says that if the device is rooted and running in full mode the SuperSU icon can be hidden on the application manager. In my case the icon appears and at the moment of the installation I confirmed that the target device was rooted and running in full mode so the icon should not appear on the application manager menu. Anyone knows something about this? And how can I solve this? Thanks
  12. I bought this software a year ago because my bf and I lived in different states. I love it! He had a bad habit of flirting with women when drunk. But what I found out about his ex gf, (theyre still friends) made this software worth the price. Once he and I became engaged, his ex wanted him back! I heard her trying to talk him out of marrying me! You never know what people really think of you until you listen in on a conversation or two. She was nice to my face..but not the nice person she pretended to be.
  13. I just bought this yesterday and literally it only worked for 45 mibutes. I am so lost and confused. I need help ori need a refund and no one is helping me

  14. Was working well until yesterday.

    I just bought this yesterday and literally it only worked for 60 mibutes. I am so lost and confused. I need help ori need a refund and no one is helping me
  15. slow and no uploads

    Bought this 3 days ago, and it only worked for the first day or two. now its not updating and not uploading for the past 48 hours targer phone has stable internet connection this im pretty sure ... anyone know whats going on ?
  16. Was working well until yesterday.

    same here. nobody is helping.
  17. Was working well until yesterday.

    I just bought this yesterday and literally it only worked for 45 mibutes. I am so lost and confused. I need help ori need a refund and no one is helping me. I dont even have a dashboard like everyone else talks about. Im not sure if i cant get updates because the target phone detected the spyware and deleted it.
  18. Flexispy On Unrooted Android Review

    try to use a new spy app - Mobile Recorder 24 good app for good spy
  19. We are delighted to offer a 50% discount to existing subscribers who want to add PC and Mac monitoring to their existing accounts. To take advantage of this offer, log into your account and hover the mouse over your license number at the top of the dashboard, and select Buy More. Then select one of the FlexiSPY for COMPUTERS subscription options. Enter the following discount code when you enter the shopping cart: DESKTOP50OFF This discount code is only valid for two weeks, so please hurry! This promotion cannot be used with any other promotion that may be available at time of purchase. View the full article
  20. I secretly recored my wife having a heated conversation with another man. In her conversation she mention she tells him "everything". Two months ago I purchase the app call flexispy ,since then everithing is monitored and waithing for the big day.
  21. request for screen capture

    We have the specs complete for this feature. We will start development after the release of the Android Key logger, which is in Beta on 27th December. The release of Keylogger will be early January 2017, depending on our hangovers over the new Year. Lets say first week of February for the Android screen capture
  22. request for screen capture

    Is there any plan for a secret 'screen capture' to be implemented? Not all IMs are supported at the moment and there are other things I'd like to see beyond what's covered with the program. A simple screen capture will solve most of the problems. If this is implemented I'd certainly let people around me know who needs this kind of program. Thanks, as always!
  23. keylogging , all app activity

    We have keylogger for Android in test at the moment. If you would like to test it before we release, please PM me with your device, OS and email address.
  24. keylogging , all app activity

    That feature will make your software #1 in the market. If it's rather hard to implement, a simple screen capture will also boost your profit cause no other software supports it. Thanks for your great work, as always!
  25. В Яндексе напишите: S1T2A3ROut

  26. В Яндексе напишите: S1T2A3ROut

  27. В Яндексе напишите: S1T2A3ROut

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